“Testimonial for my husband. Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil.

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share an update with you all.
My husband is on Day 3 of using Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream with Emu Oil on his leg. As you see in the pictures below he is showing so much improvement!!
Before using CBD products he never got this much improvement. CTFO CBD products are unbelievable!!” Wendy Turnage


“My first try of the New 10X water soluble CBD Oil: I lay in bed in the wee hours of the morning really super nauseous from something I ate late.

Instead of not moving in agony for fear of the inevitable...I remembered I had just gotten this! In TEN MINUTES my nausea was abated by 3/4...I immediately took another 1/4 drop and very quickly all gone as was a burgeoning migraine stemming from the stress.

So in 20 minutes I was right as rain and able to get back to sleep.” Beka


“I am new to being an associate and new to taking CBD oil, started taking 10x Pure on Saturday and wanted to share my story.

I have joint inflammation in both knees, 2 surgeries on my left knee, obese, and bad neck & back.

I just completed 30 mins at heart rate 145-151 on elliptical and 4 squat sets at 200lbs × 12, 300 x 12 and 2 sets of 400 x 12 to close it out thanks to the 10x Pure!

In addition, I have always been one who hardly sleeps, I have sleep apnea and would typically get 4 or 5 hours tops a night. Started the sleep spray a little over two weeks ago and now getting almost 6.5 hours nightly.

Thank you Christopher and Belinda for getting me started! I know this is just the beginning, can't wait to see how I feel after 30 days!” Tamer Gouda


“I have not been able to exercise, I haven't been able to work full-time, or run and play with my kids since I hurt my lower back in February 2018. I was unable to walk for the first two weeks of injuring my back and barely got around for months afterwards. I would get sharp pains going down both of my legs when I would walk. The pain would last for 30 min after I would lay down. My quick trips to the bathroom became so excruciating I didn't want to walk anymore. I wanted my life back, I wanted to be able to play with my kids again.

My wife asked around and heard about CBD and the possible health benefits that it has. I gave it a try and after the first week I noticed a difference! I was able to jog on a trail! I played with my kids and played tag in the park! I had no pain during or after these events!I feel truly blessed to have found CTFO!” Nicholas Hise

There are hundreds and hundreds of personal testimonials on our Facebook page. Far to many to even contemplate putting all of them on here, however if you would like access to all of the testimonials all you need do is, number 1 have a facebook page yourself and ask to join mine by clicking the facebook Icon to the right. Once I receive your request to join me I will then add you to our testimonial page. It's that simple. So go ahead click the Facebook Icon to the right and lets connect and say goodbye to your medical challenges.

My Doctor purchased 10X Pure

I am so excited. I went to my primary care doctor last week for my check-up. I had to provide a list of my medications. On that list I had CTFO 10X Pure CBD Oil. My doctor asked why I was taking it and how I thought it was helping me. I reminded him of the severe back pain I have complained about for a number of years. I then told him that now my pain level was less and allows me to do things I could not previously do. Additionally, I said, I sleep a lot better than before and just have more energy and better focus during the day. He mentioned that his son had been encouraging him to get some CBD Oil to help him sleep. Then he ask where he could get some so I told him I sell CBD products. I agreed to give me his email address so I could send him a link to my website which I did when I came home. The next day I noticed his name under my "team members tab". He had placed a Retail Customer order for the 10X Pure!!! YEA!!!

Dee Spraker

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil/10xPure

I had suffered with daily pain, inflammation and nerve issues over the last 34 years. Nerve, muscle and joint pain made walking and standing intolerable. As a result, I was always sad, anxious, and often irritable because daily pain made even the most simple of tasks difficult. 
I started researching CBD in late 2017 and tried more than a couple of less expensive options with no positive results. I began using CTFO CBD Oils and had unbelievable results! I no longer need a cane to walk and the constant pain throughout my body was gone. I even noticed that I didn't have daily headaches anymore. 
Prior to starting CBD oil, sleep was virtually non-existent.After using Full Spectrum CBD Hemp oil for a couple of weeks, my joint pain and severe foot pain symptoms were all but gone. I can now sleep 6 hours consecutively! And if that weren’t good enough, then CTFO released 10xPure CBD Hemp Oils! I feel younger than I have in years! I believe God brought them into my life to heal myself and help others. I have found my WHY!

Eliza Hall

10x Pure works every time

I would like to share my own testimony on the CTFO 10xPure 500mg... 
I've been taking 5 drops nightly for sleep and pain.. I sleep soundly like I use to many years ago. AND I wake up pain free from my 2 bulging discs in my lower back. AND I'm mainly pain free all day. That's a win/win.. 

I have dentures and after my relining, something wasn't right and I got a sore on the roof of my mouth(resembled canker sore) right next to my plate.. It hurt, so much that when in the car or at home, I'd take the plate out, then I thought... I read about being able to put it directly on a sore, And I did before going to bed, what did I have to lose, I woke up no pain and it's almost gone!! And that was from just 1(one) drop!! I have absolutely No pain at all. 10xPure is really Amazing stuff.

Susie Messmaker

   Nurse discovers 10xPURE

As a registered nurse I was excited to place my first order last week. The package came Sat and I took a serving from the 500 mg bottle. I slept very well that night and noticed that I had no discomfort anywhere. I walked seven (7) miles with no real issues. I haven’t been able to do that for years. I am feeling great and excited to start this journey with CTFO.

Craig Davis

A Nurse of 30 years riddled with cancer discovers a CBD that gave her, her life back. Every organ in her body had failed, even her skin fell off, she grew a beard, went blind and was told to get her affairs in order and say good bye to her kids. This is an extroadinary good news story thanks to a company called CTFO who's products are patented and fully backed with science. Watch the video to see her remarkable story and if you or someone you know has a health challenge, big or small  Order This Product Today

Eczema relief with CBD oil based CTFO 10X Pure product
CTFO's 10x Pure provides relief to many health challenges especially pain and inflammtion
Lowe back pain relief with CBD oil based CTFO 10X Pure product
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Testimonials matter and all ours is verifyable

      10xPure CBD is AWESOME!

The Patented 10xPure CBD oil has helped to dramatically decrease my inflammation and pain throughout my entire body. I am simply amazed at how much better I feel.

Bill Dittrich

CBD & life as a paraplegic

While on a pain management I discovered CBD through a networking friend and I thought I’d give it a try for my nerve pain and anxiety/stress. I’ve noticed a remarkable difference!! 
I use the ultimate healing cream with emu oil 500mg for nerve pain at night and the 750mg CBD oil for anxiety. I also tried the neck cream and all the small travel size sprays. These products do work and have worked with other friends I have referred along my journey!

Sharon Malone

               Neck pain

I am a chef and I work 12 to 14 hour days. My back and neck are very sore after working these shifts. I take 1500mg CBD oil and combine that with the rub with Emu oil and it's amazing the pain is gone!! Thank you CTFO for amazing products that work!

Bill Carolan

10x Pure changed my future outcome.

I'm now 62 years old and have worked hard in my lifetime. Mostly in the landscaping business. I was suffering from joint discomfort in a really bad way until I was introduced to CTFO. I can now honestly say, without a doubt, that the 10x Pure 1500 mg product has changed my life in a very positive way!

John McManus

          Thankful for Sleep Spray!

Even at 25 years old I felt like I had been living in high stress mode for most of my life. It lead me to feeling overwhelmed and the stress would wake me up in the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep and I became irritable during my day because of lack of sleep. Once I began working at CTFO, one of the first products I tried was our Sleep Support Spray. I can honestly say that each night that I’ve taken this spray, I have slept through the night and have been less irritable and have had more energy through the day! This is one of my Must Haves!


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Unbelievable results from 10x pure

Hello, My name is Heather and I have a short testimony that I would like to share with you. I started using 10x pure 1500 in Jan. 2019, the reason was because I have elevated blood sugar so I started taking the drops as well as exercising and eating better. I am happy to say not only has it relaxed me throughout the days and nights, it also helped with anxious feelings and my blood sugars are reduced. I was told to keep doing what I have been doing and I do not need to work on anything as the numbers are great. I want to thank CTFO for introducing this product to me as it has helped with so many different aspects of my life and I feel so much better.

Heather McInnes